Capacity Assessment And Vendor Registration

Identification of suitable suppliers capable of meeting the product Quality required by the Defence Departments, particularly by the Defence Services are vital functions for ensuring procurement of quality goods. Providing equal opportunity and ensuring fair play are also important requirements in any procurement process so as to achieve transparency. The product may be supplied by a manufacturer or by OEM authorized dealer, stockiest, trader etc. As the order values are high, sourcing through open tender results in participation by the vast array of suppliers across the spectrum. The processing of such tenders is not only time-consuming but also fraught with risks of unreliability of supplier’s ability to deliver the products of right quality. One mechanism to mitigate this issue is the process of identifying and assessing these suppliers on aspects of capability and capacity through the Vendor Registration. Any agency desirous of becoming a supplier to the Indian Navy needs to approach the OPAs to register as qualified supplier. In majority of cases the OPA will be the Material Organizations or the Shipyards, however in certain cases the Command Headquarters and the Naval Headquarters also is OPA. In case of lack of clarity, the supplier may approach the Logistics Officer of the nearest Naval Establishment to be guided to the correct agency/organization to get assessed and register as a vendor. As the QA processes and procedures that are followed by Indian Navy is applicable to Manufacturers and integrators, only they are assessed for capacity and registered as vendor by the DGQA Organizations.

 How to apply for registration ?


  • The firm seeking registration will sign up on NQA web portal for obtaining login credentials.
  • Post receipt of login credentials the firm will fill the form using Online Services -> Vendor Registration module.

JSG 015 : 2018
Defence Manufacturers Registered by DQA (Naval)
Defence Manufacturers Registered by DGQA