Inspection of Imported Store /Equipment

1.  The inspection of imported equipment/stores is through review of documents which indicate compliance to standards/ specifications. An important aspect of Quality Assurance check is identification of source of origin based on documents and visual inspection for transit damages are undertaken. Towards this the following documents (e-documents permissible) provided by the supplier are verified:-

(a)     Copy of one among Bill of Lading / Shipping Bill / Airway Bill (A document issued by the transporter of the equipment which clearly indicates the description, quantity, port of collection and port of discharge).
(b)     Invoice by OEM or Country of Origin certificate of the equipment with packing list.
(c)     Bill of Entry into warehouse.
(d)     The Certificate of Conformity (CoC) indicating governing specifications and values to which the items are tested along with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) test certificates/test reports/ Catalogue/Data Sheet.
(e)     Guarantee / Warrantee certificate from the supplier/OEM as per Supply Order

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