Geographical Layout

The Headquarters of DQA (N)  is located at New Delhi with 10 different field units at various locations in the country. The administrative and technical control of this Directorate and its field establishments is vested with the Additional Director General of Quality Assurance (Naval) of the rank of Rear Admiral.  While the Headquarters is headed by Deputy Director General of the rank of Cmde / Capt, the respective CQAO/QAO, of the rank of Cmde / Capt/ Cdr exercise control over the respective Establishments under the technical authority of DQA(N). While single unit, located in a particular geographical location, provides QA coverage for all items under DQA(N) purview, QA jurisdiction for units at Mumbai is based on type of items as well.

For smooth and efficient functioning, this Dte has the following units spread throughout the country :-

  • CQAE (WE), Bengaluru
  • CQAE (NS), Mumbai
  • CQAE (WS), Mumbai
  • CQAE (Naval), Secunderabad
  • QAE (Naval), Kolkata
  • QAE (Naval), Chennai
  • QAE (Naval), Kochi
  • QAE (Naval), Badarpur
  • QAE (UB), Mumbai
  • DQA (N) Cell, Haridwar