CQAE(NS), Mumbai


The unit was established as Chief Inspectorate of Naval Stores on 24 Apr 1970 entrusted with the task of inspection of Naval stores in the Western region. The establishment was re-designated as Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval Stores) on 10 Nov 1987 and assigned with the task of Quality Assurance of Naval Stores comprising of an inventory of approximately 2.15 Lakhs items


The unit is responsible for inspection of Naval Stores, patterned items including Electrical /Electronics /Engineering /Hull /Chemical and General Stores (except Batteries and associated equipment and special test equipment), Navigational Radars, Airfield Ground Equipment and Cables. The unit also has an in-house Paints & Chemical Laboratory for testing of Paints and Chemicals.


CQAE(NS), Mumbai renders Quality Assurance services to the firms located within geographical areas in the state of  Goa, Union Territories of Daman & Diu, Southern parts of MP below Tropic of Cancer and the State of Gujarat.


The Chief Quality Assurance Officer

Chief  Quality Assurance Estt. (NS)

NCML/ DGQA Complex

8th Floor, Tiger Gate

Mumbai- 400 023

Tel        : 022-22663192, 022-22751640
FAX       : 022-22662038
E-mail    : cqaens-dgqa@nic.in