CQAE(WS), Mumbai


The erstwhile Chief Inspectorate of Weapon Spares(CIWS) was established on 24 April 1970 under the aegis of then Directorate of Production and Inspection (Naval) – DPI(N). While DPI(N) was restructured into Directorate of Quality Assurance (Naval)- DQA(N) in 1985, CIWS was renamed as the Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Weapon Spares) on 10 November 1987


This unit is responsible for QA of Weapon and Communication (internal & external) Systems and associated equipment, tools and spares being procured for Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. The establishment undertakes the Quality Assurance of following types of stores ordered against Direct Purchase Orders, Local Purchase Orders and Shipyard Orders as per extant guidelines promulgated from time to time:-

  • Weapons stores under the responsibility of WEDs or any other order placing authority.
  • All internal and external communication equipment and associated spares under Material Organisations or any other order placing authority.
  • Special to type test equipment.
  • New Weapon Projects (Dhanush, BrahMos, Rocket launchers, Torpedo Tube Launchers, Chaff Launchers etc.).
  • Winch and Handling Systems.
  • All types of weapon Antennae.
  • Fire Control Radars and Fire Control Systems.
  • Laser Range Finder, Wind Speed Direction Systems.
  • Weapon Simulators.
  • Sound Power Telephones.
  • Ship Degaussing Systems.


CQAE(WS), Mumbai renders Quality Assurance services to the firms located within geographical areas in the state of Goa, Union Territories of Daman, Diu, Southern parts of Madhya Pradesh (below Tropic of Cancer), Maharashtra and Gujarat State unless specifically directed by higher formation


Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (WS)

9th Floor, NMRL Building

Near Tiger Gate

Naval Dockyard, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Pincode- 400 023

Phone : 022- 22752060, 022- 22661907
Telefax: 022- 22664105
E-mail : cqaews-dgqa@nic.in