QAE(N), Kolkata


This establishment in Kolkata, which is presently known as the Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval) or in short ‘QAEN (Kol)’, was set up in the year 1956 as ‘Naval Overseer Calcutta’ under the direct control of Naval Headquarters, New Delhi. The original nomenclature was later amended to a functional title “Development & Inspection Establishment (Marine Stores)”. Subsequently, this establishment was transferred from Naval Headquarters to erstwhile DGI under Ministry of Defence Production and titled as PIEN (Cal). In early 80s, the name was changed to the present title QAEN (Kol). The establishment functions under the operational control of Directorate of Quality Assurance (Naval), New Delhi


QAEN(Kol) undertakes Quality Assurance and Inspection of wide range of Naval Equipment and Stores in the eastern states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal as well as all North Eastern States. The range of equipment and stores being inspected include:-

       (a)   Electrical and Weapon Equipment & Spares

       (b)   General Naval Stores, Patterned Machinery Spares

       (c)   Indigenized DMR-249A grade Steel and Bulb bars for Shipbuilding

       (d)   Paints and Chemicals

       (e)   Marine Cables/ Anchors/ Accessories for ships and submarines


QAE(N), Kolkata renders Quality Assurance services to the firms located within geographical areas in the state of Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and North Eastern States


The Quality Assurance Officer
Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval)
DGQA Complex, Commissariat Road,
Hastings, Kolkata - 700022.

Tele: 033-2223095 
Fax:  033-22230540    
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